Yamm is a matchmaking service that helps busy founders and startup executives find their perfect Executive Assistant match.
If hiring is a gamble, then hiring an Executive Assistant is Russian roulette:
the stakes are high, and the consequences of making the wrong decision can be dire.

In yamm, we take the time to understand your needs as an executive and match you with candidates who align with your needs.
is our focus
Our focus is on assessing the intangible qualities that make a talented assistant:
critical thinking
to solve problems
and anticipate
Our team is passionate about their craft and knows what it takes
The perfect match formula:
Ready to foster relationships with an assistant
Truly cares
Mindful about where they need support
Ready to provide support where it’s needed most
Knows their working style
Flexible and adaptable at all times
Not afraid to delegate
Enjoys taking responsibility
Looking for a long-term commitment
Looking for a long-term commitment
Able to mentor and provide resources
Is curious and resourceful
An executive:
An assistant:
For 12 years, I’ve been working as a personal assistant for executives in media, fashion, art, and tech. I know how challenging - yet extremely rewarding - this job can be. I truly believe that an executive assistant is one of the most valuable assets for a business owner and something that you shouldn’t skimp on.

I like to call personal assistants life-hackers. For them, nothing is impossible: they’re fun, creative, proactive, and resourceful. And most importantly, they’re genuinely cool people with a unique mindset that’s based on curiosity and growth.
We’re always searching for people that have multi-industry experience and are skilled specialists and jacks-of-all-trades. My own career path reflects this, as it took me through Media Client service, Design, Marketing, Operations, and Recruiting. We do believe that each skill you gain throughout your career helps you develop both as an employee and an individual, and these are exactly the kinds of talents we’re looking for.

My ideal job is mostly about improvement and making someone's life just a little bit better. In our case, it's a win-win situation: entrepreneurs and business leaders can relax and focus on essential business decisions, and assistants can grow and improve their skills on a daily basis while providing exceptional support.
Our team
Aleksandra Maksakova
Irina Iatskova
Co-founder, Assessment Lead
Talent Acquisition Lead
Don't just take our word for it, check out our testimonials and matches. We've helped numerous executives find the perfect assistant, and we're confident we can do the same for you.
Kate Lapteva
Indzhira Ozaeva
Talent Acquisition
Advisor | Recruiter | Executive Coach
Executive Assistant
Alexa is the real MVP when it comes to finding top PAs.
She hit a grand slam when
she hooked me up with my virtual PA. She really took the time to understand my needs and nailed it with Andrea (my PA), who is a total game changer for my business.
Alexa was also on point with her communication, always available to answer any questions I had. I would recommend her agency
to anyone looking for a PA, yamm is the real deal!
We had several interviews with Irina and Alexandra before I met my now employer so they are very selective and attentive both to the candidates and the employer. They are not simply looking at skills and previous experience but also taking into consideration the cultural background and personal qualities to find the right fit for
the team which I appreciated
a lot. What always made me smile is their email signature - Tomm Yamm and Iri Yamm :)
Lisbon, Portugal
Tbilisi, Georgia
Kate Lapteva
Indzhira Ozaeva
Filipa Seabra
Andrea Karola
Justin Kathan
Personal and Executive Assistant
Personal Assistant
I highly recommend Irina - she's a top-notch professional who's also incredibly kind, straightforward, and pays close attention to details. Thanks to the yamm team, I landed an amazing job that has truly changed my life. Their support and dedication, both professionally and personally, are simply outstanding. I can't thank them enough!
My professional life changed drastically after I met Alexa.
She recognized my skills and personality immediately away
and had the connections to put
me in touch with the appropriate people. Finding wonderful work is important, but so is finding a place where you feel comfortable, and thanks to yamm, I've found both.
I currently work for Kate, an amazing and brilliant businesswoman who has allowed me to develop within a great work team and put all of my skills to the test! Many thanks to yamm for such a wonderful match! And Alexa, thank you for your perseverance, patience, and faith in me.
Alexandra’s exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail are invaluable, and she always goes above and beyond to ensure everything is running smoothly. Her drive and initiative truly set her apart. She created
a comprehensive system for hiring both business and personal assistants. This system streamlined our hiring process and ensured that we had the support we needed to succeed.
Lisbon, Portugal
Filipa Seabra
Andrea Karola
Justin Kathan
remote business
remote personal
Our pricing is transparent and straightforward.

We offer a flat fee of $3000-$5000 for our services, depending on the level of assistance you need.

Whether you need a remote personal assistant, a remote business assistant, a traveling sidekick, or even someone familiar with local life in a new country, we’ve got you covered.
Get in touch with us today and let's start the search for
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For Assistants
Join our pool of top-tier executive assistants and match with founders who are working to make the world a better place.
We're hiring for the following positions:
  • travel the world while supporting the CEO
  • find the best vegan groceries & eco- friendly supplies in every country you visit
  • plan and arrange camping getaway for your boss’s friends
  • drive your boss’s pet to a local clinic to get deworming pills
  • help your boss to open a local bank account asap
  • pick 10 identical suits from the laundry
  • drive your boss’s children to the best denta clinic in town
  • hire a plumber and check that the pipes have been successfully fixed
  • bounce meetings back and forth
  • participate in building a reporting system
  • arrange a Game-of-Thrones-themed team-building event
  • conduct market research to help your boss with CustDev
  • teleport your boss and his dog to Costa-Rica in less then 12 hours
  • be a shopping concierge, track deliveries, and do refunds worldwide
  • alert your boss about Revolut cost overruns
  • order and send exotic flowers to Miss X
Pay that allows you to throw a carton of eggs into your shopping cart without thinking twice about it: Salary is based on your skillset and experience, not on your location.
Partner up with the talented founders from all over the world, and travel, learn, and grow with them together as a team.
90% of our job openings are remote! Our clients stand for results, not the hours you’ll spend in front of the laptop. What a lovely opportunity to finally experience a work-life-balance lifestyle everyone is talking about?
join us?
Reach out to us if you are (and ready to prove it):
Relentlessly resourceful
Good sense of humor (MUST!)
Flexible and Adaptable
Fluent in English
Loyal and compassionate
Time-management guru
Contact us:
Finding your perfect job is a matter of timing. You can neither be too early nor too late.
Irina Iatskova
Address: 701 Tillery Street Unit 12 1302
Austin, Texas 78702